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Decopan Hygiene - Wide product range

All purpose product alternatives

Developed by Fibrosan team according to the hygienic requirements of non-domestic construction sectors, Decopan Hygiene product range meet the wall and ceiling panel and covering requirements of health, food, animal farming, public service sectors and industries in compliance with superior health and safety standards.

Decopan Hygiene products are widely used in countries of The Americas, Europe and Middle East at the outstanding facilies of leading corporations.

Custom product development

Fibrosan’s special production technology and flexible product development capabilities make Decopan Hygiene products fully customizable from face and underside specs to composite characteristics and color, due to areas of use, contractor needs or application specifications.

Decopan Hygiene Product Range
Definition Economic Standard Hygienic Fire Resistant
Type of Resin Orthophthalic Special
Thickness Between 1.2 mm. - 5 mm. upon request
Width Between 1,200 mm. - 3,200 mm. upon request
Length Free Length
Surface Embossed Gel coated Gel coated or Embossed
Applicable All dry and wet areas
Standard Colors Opaque White, Beige, Opaque Grey - All RAL colors are avilable upon request.
Heat Resistance Between -40 + 120 °C
Hygienic Standard Prevents bacterial growth after the disinfection. 10 times easy-to clean and 6 times stainproof than conventional construction panels.
BS 476-7 Fire Resistance Class 3 Class 1
Resistance to Heat and Chemicals High
Corrosion Resistance Anticorrosive
Decopan Hygiene Surface Range
Surface Code Description
ES (Embossed Surface) Increases light diffusion and provides special surface esthetic
SGT (Gel-coated surface) Evenly smooth and shiny