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Decopan Hygiene - Areas of use
Decopan Hijyen

Dairy industry

Decopan hygienic FRP panels provide extra advantages and high hygiene in dairy industry.

  • Milk and dairy products plants,
  • Yoghurt, cheese and butter facilities,
  • Ice cream and milk pudding production plants,
  • Cold rooms for dairy products distributors,
  • Culturing and resting rooms,
  • Cold rooms,
  • Raw milk entrance and product delivery areas,
  • Milking parlours,
  • Milk laboratories
Decopan Hijyen Ege Üniversitesi Acil Servis

Meat and egg production

Cattle, sheep and poultry meat production plants and egg production facilities catch the advantages of Decopan hygienic FRP panels.

  • Slaugterhouses (special surface preventing blood stain)
  • Hatcheries, egg storage rooms,
  • Carcase processing and storage rooms,
  • Cold cut and deli meat processing, drying and storage rooms,
  • Cold chain distribution systems, cold rooms,
  • Butcheries,
  • Meat resting and aging rooms,
  • Cold rooms for retail stores and market chains,
  • Processing and storage areas for collective consumption as in schools, military units, etc.
Decopan Hijyen Balıkçılık

Fish farming, aquafarming

Besides the superior hygienic structure, Decopan Hygiene is the primary wall and ceiling covering material of aquaculture for its high chemical and mechanical strength.

  • Hatchery rooms,
  • Spawning and inoculation divisions,
  • Breeding areas,
  • Cold rooms and storage areas,
  • Feed storage rooms
Decopan Hygiene Emergency room

Health sector

Decopan Hygiene provides hygienic environment in health sector.

  • Emergency rooms,
  • Operation, delivery and medical intervention rooms,
  • Intansive care units,
  • Clinics and polyclinics,
  • In vitro fertilization centers,
  • Patient rooms,
  • Rest rooms and areas for the staff,
  • Toilet and bath rooms,
  • Kitchens and cafes,
  • Medical waste collection centers,
  • Morgues
Decopan Hygiene Laboratory


Decopan Hygiene is used in all types of laboratories with hig performance and hygiene.

  • Specific laboratories as hematology, pathology, histology, cytology, parasitology, etc.
  • Bacteriology research centers,
  • Medical analysis laboratories,
  • Genetics centers, embryology laboratories,
  • Physics, chemistry, biology laboratories,
  • Food research laboratories,
  • Agricultural research and analysis centers,
  • Electronics laboratories,
  • Quality certification centers,
  • Public health centers
Decopan Hygiene Server Room

Electronics and informatics facilities

Product features as mechanical strength, chemical and fire resistance put Decopan Hygiene among the prime construction materials for electronics facilities.

  • Server centers,
  • Communication centers,
  • Cablecast centers,
  • Satellite stations, transmitters,
  • Electronics plants,
  • Circuit vard assembly plants
Decopan Hygiene sports facilities

Sports facilities

Decopan Hygiene provides sports facilities with hygienic environment, ease of cleaning, time defying mechanical performance and high esthetics.

  • Spa, aquacenter, sauna and thermal spring facilities,
  • Gyms and fitness centers,
  • Locker rooms, shower cabins,
  • Indor pools
Decopan Hygiene food and drink

Food and drinks sector

Besides its technical specs, Decopan Hygiene is the preferred material for food and drinks sector due to ease of mounting, decorative and arcitectural design quality.

  • Restaurant, patisserie, cafe, fast food facilities
  • Kitchens,
  • Confectionary production facilities,
  • Cold rooms,
  • Fresh food storage rooms
Decopan Hygiene Public toilet

Public sanitary areas

Decopan hygienic FRP panels provide ideal solutions for public sanitation.

  • Public toilet rooms of airports, train and bus stations,
  • Municipal public toilets,
  • Restaurant toilet rooms,
  • Baby care rooms,
  • Changing and dressing rooms,
  • Public bathrooms of hospitals, schools, military units, etc.
  • Toilet and bathrooms of hotels
Decopan Hygiene Residential use

Houses, residential use

Decopan Hygiene is among the primary materials for covering walls and ceiling of residential buildings as well.

  • Hygienic wet areas as kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc.
  • Rooms,
  • Stairways, public doors, courtyards,
  • Elevator shafts and cabins,
  • Basements, cellars, shelters