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Decopan Hygiene - Complete hygienic solutions for hospitals and clinics
Decopan Hygiene Medical Applications

Complete solution for medical sector

Decopan Hygiene GRP/GRP composite panel system offer complete solutions for the hygiene-sensitive requirements of medical sector, hospitals and clinics. Top Turkish and internationally trusted medical institutions, hospitals, scientific institutes and even universities prefer Decopan Hygiene solutions for their sensitive needs.

Ideal technical specs

Easy-to-clean Decopan Hygiene GRP solution pack prevent bacterial, fungal and mold growth.

Decopan Hygiene medical wall panels are fire resistant.Panels avoid fire spread and extinguish themselves.

Decopan hospital wall panels are electrical insulators, avoiding high voltage arc discharges.


Decopan Hygiene panels comply with;

  • Food Code of Turkish Ministry of Health,
  • TÜV standards
  • HACCP standards
  • ATP-C standards

Decopan Hygiene panels are;

  • tested by Biolab and Leatherhead Food International for microorganism growth safety,
  • Classified as Class 1 and Class 3 fire resistant according to BS 476-7
  • Fire resistance of panels are also tested and certified by FCBA, TITK and OFI


Panels of Decopan Hygiene medical wall system are:

  • heat resistant from -40 °C° to +120 °C,
  • waterproof with very low moisture absorbtion ratio and very high humidity resistance,
  • resistant to UV and surface aging,
  • resistant to chemicals,
  • anticorrosive,
  • resistant to impacts and crashes