Decopan epoxy extra strong frp laminate biaxial

Decopan Epoxy Extra Strong Bi-Axial

Decopan epoxy extra strong frp laminate dört akslı

Decopan Epoxy Extra Strong Epx-Exs-Q Quardi-Axial

Decopan epoxy extra strong frp laminate Epx-Exs-605

Decopan Epoxy Extra Strong Epx-Exs-605

Decopan epoxy extra strong frp laminate Epx-Exs-606

Decopan Epoxy Extra Strong Epx-Exs-606

When you need stronger laminates

Decopan Epoxy Extra Strong laminates are unique composite products developed for use in applications where lightness is essential in addition to resistance, hardness and durability.

Epoxy resin matrix, improve mechanical properties of the composite laminate and makes it stronger compared to standart polyester based products.

Laminates with more than 50 percent glass fibre content allow lighter product design with high impact resistance, rigidity, etc. instead of heavier composites.

Extraordirany mechanical properties

Decopan Epoxy Extra Strong FRP / GRP Laminates:

  • reduce operational costs of ambulance cabins, mobile clinics, etc. with lighter yet strong structure.
  • are odorless
  • have very low thermal expansion.

Product range, options

Quadriaxial, biaxial or standard woven fabric
max 2800 mm (Standard woven)
max 2480 mm (Biaxial and Quadriaxial woven)
0,7 - 1,6 mm
Corona-treated bonding side