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Decopan Hygiene - Quality Certificates and Standards


Decopan Hygiene Fiberglass Reinforced Hygienic Plastic Panels are:

  • heat resistant from -40 °C to +120 °,
  • waterproof with very low moisture absorbtion ratio and very high humidity resistance,
  • resistant to UV and surface aging,
  • resistant to chemicals,
  • anticorrosive,
  • resistant to impacts and crashes.

Safety, strength

Decopan Hygiene is tested by FCBA, TITK and OFI, and classified as Class 1 and Class 3 fire resistant according to BS 476-7.Panels avoid fire spread and extinguish themselves.

Decopan panels are electrical insulators and avoid high voltage arc discharges.

Decopan branded products prevent bacterial, fungal and mold growth. Decopan holds the certificates and reports of Conformity to Food Code of Turkish Ministry of Health, Conformity to TÜV, HACCP and ATP-C, Biolab Microorganism Test, Conformity to Food Industry by Leatherhead Food International.

Decopan Quality Certificates and Standards
Decopan Public Health Conformity Certificate   Decopan Leatherhead Certificate of Compliance
Certificate of Compliance to Turkish Food Codex Regulations issued by Turkish Ministry of Health Izmir Provincial Directorate of Public Health HACCP and ATP-C
Certificates of Compliance
Certificate of Compliance to Food Industry Regulations
Decopan product samples comply with Turkish Food Codex Regulations according to the report of analysis issued in 01.03.2005, Nr.B.10.RSH.1.02.301443. Conformity of Decopan gel coated product samples to HACCP and ATP-C criteria are certificated by TÜV Süd Gruppe ATP Control Place Munich report, issued in 27.04.2006. Decopan panels comply with global food regulations in accord with the test report of Leatherhead Food International issued in 12.05.2003.
Decopan Biolab Test Certificate Decopan Ofi Fire Test Certificate Decopan Siemens Mechanical Tests
  Fire Test Certificate
ÖNORM B 3800 Tl.1: Class B
TSE Approved Test Laboratory
Mechanical Tests
Decopan panels’ microbiological characteristics; preventing bacterial growth and easily cleanable with all popular medical disinfectants are tested and reported by Biolab. Decopan product samples are classified as Class B Fire Resistant by OFI GmbH in 24.11.2003, Certificate Nr. 301.462. Technical specifications were quoted from the report nr.4660 of TSE approved Siemens Laboratories containing the results of Tensile Strength, Bending, Compression, Charpy Resistance, Elasticity Modulus, Disruptive Voltage, Specific Diffusion and Surface Resistance, Water Absorbtion tests and Specific Weight measurements.
Decopan Warrington Fire Test Decopan TITK Fire Test Decopan FCBA Standard
Fire Test Certificate
BS 476-7 Class 1 - Class 3
Fire Test Certificate
DIN 4102 - Class B
Institut Technologuque
Standard 13501-1
Decopan product samples are tested and classified as Class-1 and Class-3 Fire Resistant according to BS 476-7 by Warrington Fire Research. Test results are recorded in report Nr. 131 673. Decopan product samples are tested according to DIN 4102 and classified as Class B2 Fire Resistant by TITK. Decopan product samples are tested by FCBA and hold the Certificate of Compliance to 13501-1 Standard.